Extensiones Adhesivas

Tape Hair Extensions

Chloe’s tape extensions uses tape as an attachment method as the name implies. This almost invisible tape is attached to your natural hair root. The method is suitable for all hair types and especially for those with thinner hair because it blends perfectly into your own hair. Tape extensions are perfect if you have had problems to hide clip-ins or other extensions in your own hair. As well as with other extensions we recommend that you braid the hair when sleeping, working out or showering, just to avoid messiness and to maintain beautiful hair for a longer time. Like every other extensions we offer our tape hair is 100% real human hair. Tape hair is for the all hair types but especially suited for persons with thinner hair. This is because the tape is very easy to hide under your own hair and if you feel it difficult to hide other extensions methods, we would recommend the tape hair method.

What you get?

Chloe’s tape hair includes 10 hairpieces summing up to 16 - 25 grams of real hair depending on the which length you choose between 30 - 50 cm. This means you get flexibility in length with the best quality to an affordable price. Tape hair extensions are today’s trend because it is very gentle to your own hair and can be used over and over again for a long time. The fantastic quality and the generous amount of hair gives you a thick and beautiful look in zero time!

How do you attach tape hair?

The process is very simple. You do not need to use keratin wax, chemicals or heat. After a bit of practice the attaching takes only 30 minutes and you’ll have a fabulous look for a long time. If you still feel uncertain about attaching tape hair we recommend you talking to your hairdresser. Depending on how well you take care of and attach the extensions, the setup will have you rocking a fantastic look for 8-12 weeks. You can re-use the hair up to 3 times. After 3 times you will though need to change the tape part in the extensions. At this point it is important to wash the hair and let it dry before you attach a new tape to them.

How to take care of tape hair?

Tape hair extensions keep there good quality for 2-3 months per tape which means that you can use the same hair for up to 9 months. You can style and do the same stuff as with your own hair, meaning you can curl, straighten or blow dry it but remember to use heat protection, protective shampoo and conditioner. Just like your own hair!